Nozzarella Vegan Sauce Mix – Mozzarella Alternative




Melty and Delicious Vegan Mozzarella Sauce Mix for Pizza, Pasta, Lasagne


Whip up Vegan Mozz in minutes with my Nozzarella DIY sauce mix. This powder transforms into a stretchy, salty, tangy, gooey melted-mozzarella style sauce, ready to be dolloped onto pizzas, pasta bakes, tops of lasagnes and burgers, nachos. It’s ready to go after a few minutes in a pan with some mylk, or you can pop it under a grill to brown, just like the real deal. One pack makes enough to top around 10 pizzas, so is unbelievable value and so handy to have ready to knock up some mozz.

NB this kit makes a melted Mozz sauce – it doesn’t melt, it’s already melted!

Key Features:

  • totally vegan
  • handmade with love in SE London
  • no gluten-, soy-, or nut- containing ingredients, but may contain traces of gluten, soy, sesame and nuts due to supplier manufacturing processes and their presence in my own kitchen.
  • one pack makes approx 10 servings
  • approx weight 95g
  • lasts at least 3 months from purchase date when stored in a cool, dry place


tapioca flour, salt (salt, anti caking agent E536), nutritional yeast, cornflour, psyllium husk, lactic acid

How to use:

mix one tbsp of powder with 150ml of mylk in a saucepan and head on a medium heat. once almost boiling it will start to thicken. once at desired consistency, remove from heat and use immediately. you can make a runnier sauce, to top a lasagne or moussaka for example, simply by using more mylk or less powder.

Additional information

Weight 95 g


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